Kota Tinggi

Kota Tinggi Waterfalls

Kota Tinggi is the largest district in Johor. The waterfalls here are very popular with visitors to the state. Cool pools, spectacular cascades, handicraft stalls and holiday chalets beckon visitors to this attraction.

Located 15km north of Kota Tinggi Town, the waterfalls stand majestic at 34km high and drop into a deep pool. A popular picnic spot for locals and foreigners on their way to the tranquil beaches of Desaru. Chalets, campsites and rest areas are provided for short or extended stays. Chinese and Western restaurants as well as food stalls are also available.

The waterfall is a popular stopover for visitors on their way to Desaru beach.

Kampung Sepak, Batu 4
Kampung Sepak is located approximately 8km from Kota Tinggi town, facing the waterfall resort. You can really feel the peace and tranquility that this place offers together with its abundant greenery. To the north lies the beautiful Panti Mountain Range while cool clear streams flow through the village.

The village is famous for its fruit orchards where you can find local favourites like Durian, Duku, Rambai, Rambutan and others. Visitors are in for a treat during the fruiting season, so plan your trip accordingly.

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  1. Dy says:

    What is the nearest hotel or resort at Tanjung Pengelih? How far is the Tanjung Pengelih from Kota Tinggi? What is the best place to stay at Tanjung Pengelih?

  2. ulvi mingkid says:

    I’m from indonesia and never go to malaysia. Can you suggest the best tourism destination? thank you

  3. ramle says:

    Boleh berikan kadar sewa chalet di Air Terjun, Kota Tinggi. Tk

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