About Johor

Johor in Malaysia is a land of numerous tourist attractions. Johor boasts many beautiful unspoiled islands, mystic jungle parks, lovely white sandy beaches with crystal clear water, magnificent historical sites and other fascinating places to visit.

Johor is ranked third in tourist destinations in Malaysia after Kuala Lumpur and Penang. The principal mode of entry to Johor Bahru is via the causeway from Singapore.

Johor is increasingly popular for eco tourism as it is endowed with rich natural heritage. The Endau-Rompin Park, one of the world’s oldest tropical rain forests – offers great natural beauty for the adventurous traveler. Furthermore, Johor’s beautiful and natural forest parks also being developed into centres for eco tourism.

Johor also has more than thirty beautiful and unspoiled offshore islands. The islands off Mersing alone saw tremendous increase of visitors yearly as it possess some of the most beautiful assemblage of coral reefs in the world.

Visit Johor today and you will be amazed.

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  1. jemael says:

    our forefather was from Johor, Malaysia. We are from the Philippines. We want to visit Johor for a research this April 2010. Can you help me give informants for our forefather – Sharif Kabungsuwan. Our tribe is still existing alsmost practicing the sharif’s culture, rituals, dances, beliefs and even our visual arts. thanks

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